Xiaomi ADB

Change rom easily to your Xiaomi device with stock recovery sideload! (by Franesco Tescari)

Xiaomi ADB

is a modified compiled version of Android Debug Bridge, which allows you to sideload official miui roms to your device via stock recovery*.

Xiaomi has built a recovery with hidden features, but these features are proprietary and only Xiaomi devs know how to interact with them.

After analysis of recovery, apps and already modified adb produced by Xiaomi, I discovered how stock recovery installation works and I implemented in my tool, XiaoMiTool.

With Miui 9 Xiaomi updated his recovery, but modified adb provided by them (extracted from MiPcSuite) is no more update supported and is now missing some features of new recovery.

So I decided to code my own version of adb to work with new recovery, and since this isn't enough to make rom installation available, I decided to implement the whole process needed for rom installation, which I originally coded into XiaoMiTool, in adb code.

The result is a lightweight, user-friendly, fast way to install official miui roms via stock recovery.

Just reboot your device to recovery mode (hold vol+ and power button, then after reboot press "Connect to Mi Assistant" or "连接小米助手", then run xiaomiadb sideload_miui <filename> and in a matter of seconds you will know if the rom you want to install can be installed, and if it can, this tool will instll it immediately.

This tool is also useful for those who have a bricked device and want to unbrick it. Just sideload latest official rom, format data and you're good to go.

Why to use Xiaomi ADB instead of XiaoMiTool:

  • Use Xiaomi ADB if you know what you are doing and you need to install an official miui rom on your device with locked bootloader (fastboot flash is preferred with unlocked bootloader)
  • It's lightweight, only 3MB instead of about 90MB of XiaoMiTool
  • Faster that XiaoMiTool in whole process of installation
  • If you know what you want to do, easier (with drag and drop functionality too)
  • More precise, communicates directly with the device without needing the incomplete custom adb produced by Xiaomi (still used by XiaoMiTool)
  • Easier to build cross-platform (Windows exe is first release, working on linux build too)
  • Doesn't require the device to be functional (also works with soft bricked devices with stock recovery accessible)
  • Doesn't require graphical interaction (can be run on remote pc)

Why to use XiaoMiTool instead of Xiaomi ADB:

  • Many more features, like fastboot installation, emergency mode installation, unlocking bootloader help, auto download of latest roms, twrp, etc.
  • More complete, with auto analysys of device status, device roms, bootloader status etc.
  • Graphical interface with choice based method, helpful for someone maybe
  • Older, with many bugs already fixed
  • Support to auto driver correction and auto device management
  • Tell you in advance which roms can be installed and which one require unlocked bootloader

Xiaomi ADB guidelines , simpler is better,

  • Download and extract xiaomiadb.zip frome here
  • Download the rom you want to install from http://en.miui.com/download.html
  • Connect your device to your computer using cable
  • Reboot your device to recovery mode by holding volume+ and power button until the device reboots, then from the menu you see select the third option ("Connect with MIAssistant" or "连接小米助手")
  • Drag and drop your rom file on xiaomiadb.exe, alternatively you can open a command prompt or windows shell and run xiaomiadb sideload_miui <filename>, it's the same thing.
  • Your rom will be installed if possible* and the device will reboot.
  • If you want to perform a clean install (format data partition), reboot your device to recovery mode again and run xiaomiadb format-data

XiaoMiTool and Xiaomi ADB are free to use, if you like them and want to help the development you can make a donation to the developer.

XiaoMiTool and Xiaomi ADB are not official, they have been developed by a random guy (me) and not by Xiaomi!

If you have questions unanswered you can check the FAQs section below.

* = Every stock recovery installation must be validated by Miui update server individually and so installation availability is subject to Xiaomi policies. With miui 9 some cross region installations have been blocked (from china to global and vice versa). Unless you try to install the rom, you don't actually know if you can do it.


Download Xiaomi ADB for free

Download latest: Xiaomi ADB


Trying to answer most frequently asked question

- Does it work for my device? This tool is made to work with mi recovery 3 which is the one installed on current Xiaomi devices with miui 8 and miui 9. It may not work with previous recovery versions. - Can I install this rom if I have this and this...? Just try, the tool will tell you which rom can be installed. - Do I have to download anything in addition to this tool? Yes, the rom you want to install and if you have driver problems you also need to download them as well. - Which languages are available? There is not much text in there, but it's English - Does Xiaomi ADB unlock the bootloader? No. Nothing to do with it. - English is pretty bad... I know, my English is pretty bad. - This tool doesn't work... Sorry to hear that, just go back to old manual modding and leave feedback. - Do I need to backup my data? YES! Backup is always a good thing. Anyway, xiaomi adb will tell you if it's going to format data partition or not. After some installation where data partition isn't formatted the device could have problems (not booting or apps crashing) and you will need to manually format data with xiaomiadb format-data command - Can my device get bricked? Yes, but with very small probability. If it get bricked you can flash the rom you have previously installed using the same tool. - I need to install lineageos with google services and supersu, how can I do that? You cannot do it with this tool. Only latest official xiaomi roms are allowed. - My device is bricked, can I use this tool to unbrick it? Yes if you can reach recovery mode. - How can I access FastFlash? - My device got an error/bircked or the installation wasn't succesful, what can I do to help you to improve the tool? Just send me an email with a quick explanation of the problem and attach to it the text you see on the prompt. Emails without the text attached (or crash message) are useless to me (and to you) and will not be considered!


Help me improving this tool ;)

Feedback section is not available for now. If you want to write something to the developer or if you want to translate this tool to your language send an email to [email protected]