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WARNING! XiaoMiTool 0.5.2 (latest release) has been release in February 2018 (a long time ago) and thus it's outdated. You should use XiaoMiTool V2 instead

[16 Mar 2019]

XiaoMiTool V2 is here! A first "alpha" release is available. Read all the details here

[09 Mar 2019]

XiaoMiTool V2 is almost here. The main functionalities and graphics of the tool are ready and I'm going to release a first alpha build before Mar 16th (a week from now). There are still a few bugs and some UI things to improve, but some functions that are gone in XMT 1 will be back, such as TWRP flash for new devices with anti-rollback protection and Xiaomi.eu auto download and install. More information will be available on the dedicated page when the tool will be available. I will include a new comment section under XMT 2 page so you can write the feedback, ask questions, etc. The tool will be english only and Windows only at first, but it can be translated easily and ported to linux and mac too (I will port it and accept translations only when a complete, stable release will be ready though)

[16 Oct 2018]

I'm working on XiaoMiTool V2, but it's taking much time to complete and the problem is that I have less and less time (I can work on it maybe once a week) because I'm studying for exams and I have other 3 projects to do. I will get more free time in 2019 and I hope a release will be ready in Q1 2019. I would really want to be more helpful to people that have problems with their device, but I'm so busy right now that I have so little free time, and I dedicate that time to XiaoMiTool V2 or to myself. About bricked devices there is nothing that I can do: Xiaomi blocked both EDL and cross-region recovery installations which are the methods that are usually required to unbrick a device. Blame Xiaomi, they're locking down the modding community by forcing global users to buy global phone and keep the bloated software and they're making modding a nightmare on their devices. There is no technical reason to not allow unbricking techinques to end users, but they do it anyway because they want to discourage people from buying not-global devices outside of china. Ridiculous.

[20 Aug 2018]

XiaoMiTool V2 is being developed thank to the support I got from donations and appreciation, please be patient for a little more. Main features are: better graphics and engine (basically every aspect has been improved from original XiaoMiTool), cross compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac (on launch only Windows though), download of twrp, xiaomi.eu, magisk, gapps, miui roms, ... built-in unlock feature (still requires xiaomi account and binding time) and much more. It will take still some time to be launched (in a buggy alpha version at the beginning).
I know that lately there are some problems with bricked device, Xiaomi is trying to separate the global market from chinese one and it's doing it in a (for me) confusionary software way: wow latest devices bought from china cannot run global rom with locked bootloader (they brick), edl flashing via miflash has been blocked on latest devices and need xiaomi authorization (which is a pain to get), anti rollback feature is being pushed to device, basically if you downgrade your device you might brick it. When I last updated my tool all these problems didn't exist so my tool is not prepared for these (the new one will). Please don't try to change from china to global rom with locked bootloader on latest devices, dont lock bootloader of latest devices which run a rom different from the one they exited the factory with.
If you get the message "this miui can't be installed on this device" and your device is bricked you might be able to recover it using xiaomiadb by first installing global developer and then installing china developer OF SAME VERSION (for example 8.8.16->8.8.16) using "xiaomiadb sideload_miui -otarom CurrentRom [ZIP_ROM_FILE]"

[05 Apr 2018]

It's been a long time since latest update. The tool is still partially functional but I supspended the development of it. I did because I have less and less time to dedicate to it and the tool has a very messy structure in code because I originally developed it as a macro/script tool. If I get enough time I will work on a new similar tool with new features and less bugs from next week (it will take a while to develop though). Thank you all for appreciation.

[02 Feb 2018]

Version 0.5.2 released.
- Updated adb to Xiaomi ADB (version 40) which now support fully the new stock recovery from Xiaomi. This means that there should be less 1038 errors (wrong rom data) and file transfer should be faster (less time to sideload the rom)
- Fix to a couple of bugs and crashes
- Added disclaimer before cross-region stock recovery installation

[14 Jan 2018]

Updated Xiaomi ADB to fix large file problem (it was an adb bug so I updated source to latest adb version (40) and adapted my code to it). Now it should work well :)

[14 Jan 2018]

I received feedback about a new problem: after stock recovery installation with locked bootloader the device will reboot to recovery mode with "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device". This happened to redmi note 5a/redmi 5 users, but this might happen to other devices as well. This is a new "feature" from Xiaomi which is blocking zone change (from china to global rom) with locked bootloader. It seems that they didn't like my tool cause they're doing anything to block it. Anyway, if this happen to your device, you must download the latest rom of your previous zone and flash it using the other tool, Xiaomi ADB. For example if you flashed global over china and now you see that message you need to download latest china rom and flash it. For all details see Xiaomi ADB dedicated page here

[06 Jan 2018]

I'm aware that new tool (Xiaomi ADB) has a bug which interrupts installation after file sending in finished. I will patch it after 15th Jan because I have no time now. Until that date I will recover the download link of previous version of Xiaomi ADB which has a known bug when loading big files (some MIUI zip are considered big files), but it doesn't interrupt during installation. Please be patient, I do my best but in this period I have very little free time.

[29 Dec 2017]

First release of new tool, Xiaomi ADB. Sideload miui roms with locked bootloader, for more info check the dedicated page here!

[20 Dec 2017]

Version 0.5.1 released.
- Fixed bugs introduced in version 0.5

[05 Dec 2017]

Version 0.5.0 released.
- Stock recovery installation updated to work with miui 9
- Fix to a couple of bugs
Please note: this update has been rushed as lots of people need the new feature daily, so it might have new bugs. Please report them asap if you find them.

[05 Dec 2017]

I quickly relaeased an update to re-enable stock recoovery nstallation with miui 9. This update should bring the tool back to normal, BUT there is a major change: now the tool have to tell to Xiaomi server the zone of current installed rom (global or china) so some rom changes (for example from china to global or vice-versa) might be blocked now or in the future.

[03 Dec 2017]

After very long trials, I may have found the way to re-enable stock recovery installation with miui 9 (and new recovery). I'm not sure about it yet, but it looks promising. From tomorrow I will be testing this new way and if it works I will implement in the tool. Be patient, I do my best to keep up with Xiaomi changes.

[22 Nov 2017]

I got a couple of feedbacks where the tool worked with miui 9 and locked bootloader. This might be because the new recovery which blocks the installation has not been implemented yet in some stable releases. However I think that in a near feature this new recovery will be in every miui 9 release. Then, for now, you can try this tool with miuit. Do it fast though!

[16 Nov 2017]

I analyzed the "stock recovery problem" of 15 Nov. It seems that stock recovery installation has been completely disabled from Xiaomi. Even chinese version of MiPcSuite is not able to install a rom of the same region and branch from stock recovery. The only thing that works is miui Updater app. This make my tool useless if you have miui 9 with locked bootloader. I will try to find how to replicate Updater functions, but from initial trial I see that it has been pretected more and the rom implementation and several layers of encryption make it difficult to debug and reverse engineer. Also a working update of chinese MiPcSuite may help, but there is nothing yet and I don't know if it will be ever updated to work with miui 9.

[16 Nov 2017]

Xiaomi.eu roms are not displayed (since a couple of weeks) because they're hosted on androidfilehost which has recently implemented a "security" check that doesn't allow single request to get download links. TWRP for some devices was also hosted on afh. If you want to install xiaomi.eu you need to manually download it and then select it in advanced options->zip file installation

[15 Nov 2017]

With the release of MIUI 9 stable I came across a new problem: flashing different region rom (from china to global or viceversa) with locked bootloader seems to be blocked in some cases. I will further investigate, but from first analysis it seems that stock recovery has been updated by Xiaomi and now doesn't allow to flash different region rom. I'm working to understand better and maybe find a workaround. Though it might be the end for china to global with blocked bootloader (without using hardware emergency mode trigger). If you get error 1038 when try to switch from china to global then it's because has been blocked.

[14 Nov 2017]

The project is still alive, but I have very little time to continue developing and a functional release is already available so updates might be less frequent.


is a Windows tool developed to change rom on Xiaomi devices!

Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese brand which build beautiful smartphones, however sometimes they come with Chinese software or software which doesn't give you the best experience you can have.

To get the most out of the smartphone it's necessary to install the best rom that suits to you, but that is not always easy, especially for non-advanced Android users.

So I developed this tool, to give everyone the opportunity to install the preferred software their own devices.

XiaoMiTool automates the sometimes difficult procedure which is needed to change rom and you can use it to:

  • Install official roms (Global stable/developer or China stable/developer)
  • Install unofficial Xiaomi.eu roms (stable/developer)
  • Install any other twrp flashable rom (such as lineageos, resurrection remix, ...)
  • Install custom recovery (TWRP or else)
  • Unlock bootloader*
  • Lock bootloader

XiaoMiTool can use different ways to install rom on your device and the right way is automatically detected:

  • Fastboot flash
  • Emergency mode flash (EDL)
  • Stock recovery flash**
  • TWRP recovery flash
  • Fastboot unlock (via MiFlashUnlock)/lock

XiaoMiTool retrieve your device info to automatically fetch:

  • Fastboot official rom
  • Recovery official rom
  • Xiaomi.eu roms
  • Official/non-official TWRP
  • Latest SuperSU

XiaoMiTool is free to use, if you like it and want to help the development you can make a donation to the developer.

XiaoMiTool is not official, it's been developed by a random guy (me) and not Xiaomi! The responability of the usage of this tool is fully on the user. If it doesn't work or brick your device doesn't blame me or Xiaomi, you are using it on your own risk. I'm trying to be helpful with this little project, but this doesn't mean that the success rate is 100%. Remember that unlocking bootloader is first thing to be safe and make things easier and test points are the "always there" remedy if your device is bricked! (search on google)

If you have questions unanswered you can check the FAQs section below.

* = Uses included official MiFlashUnlock, granted Xiaomi account binded to the device is still necessary!

** = Exclusive feature, available just in this tool and MiPCSuite chinese version (which is very limited)


Download XiaoMiTool for free

Go to newer XiaoMiTool V2: XiaoMiTool V2

Download latest XiaoMiTool: XiaoMiTool 0.5.2 or mirror

Version 0.5.1 (2017-12-20 17:47) XiaoMiTool 0.5.1

Version 0.5.0 (2017-12-05 14:49) XiaoMiTool 0.5.0

Version 0.4.1 (2017-10-12 00:49) XiaoMiTool 0.4.0

Version 0.4.0 (2017-07-21 01:27) XiaoMiTool 0.4.0

Download previous tool (MiInstaller): Mi Installer (Italian only)

Download latest Xiaomi ADB: Xiaomi ADB


Trying to answer most frequently asked question

- Does it work for my device? This tool is designed to work with the majority of Xiaomi devices, just try it. It only works for Xiaomi devices! - Can I install this rom if I have this and this...? Just try, the tool will tell you which rom can be installed. - Do I have to download anything in addition to this tool? No. Just the tool, but if you want to install roms which are not listed (such as lineageos) you need to download them as well. - Which languages are available? Currently English, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Polish, Croatian and Spanish. - Does this tool unlock the bootloader? This tool includes official Xiaomi unlock tool, so you still need to have an authorized xiaomi account and bind it to your smartphone for 72h before you can unlock. - This software is recognized as virus from my antivirus! It's a false positive. If it gets reported or blocked, you might want to disable your antivirus before using it. If you dont trust me, dont use it. - This program can be installed but not uninstalled, why? Uninstaller is not ready yet, if you want to uninstall just delete C:\xiaomi\XiaoMiTool folder. - English translation is pretty bad... I know, my English is pretty bad. - This tool doesn't work... Sorry to hear that, just go back to old manual modding and leave feedback. - Do I need to backup my data? YES! All apps and data will be lost. In some cases internal storage (photos and files) may be kept, but backup those as well. - Can my device get bricked? Yes, but with very small probability (if very delicate process like edl/fastboot flash gets interrupted). You can unbrick it using Xiaomi ADB sideload - I need to install lineageos with google services and supersu, how can I do that? Just select zip file installation and select the files, then make sure they are ordered as needed (rom, gapps, supersu). - My device is bricked, can I use this tool to unbrick it? Not, but you can use this other tool to do that. - What is FastFlash? FastFlash is a feature for reseller which have to chenge rom to a lot of devices at the same time. FastFlash has no additional features than normal usage so if you dont need to flash multiple devices at the same time this feature is useless for you. - How can I access FastFlash? If you need to flash multiple devices at the same time, send me an email to request FastFlash feature. I will send you a couple of keys which are required when you open C:\xiaomi\XiaoMiTool\FastFlash shortcut. - My device got an error/bircked or the installation wasn't succesful, what can I do to help you to improve the tool? Just send me an email with a quick explaination of the problem and attach to it the log files located in C:\xiaomi\XiaoMiTool\Log folder! Emails without the log file(s) attached are useless to me!


Help me improving XiaoMiTool ;)

Feedback section is not available for now. If you want to write something to the developer or if you want to translate this tool to your language send an email to dev@xiaomitool.com